How solo travel will change you (for the good…..and for the bad) ðŸ–¤

As I write this latest Blog post I am sitting in a harbour side bar in the port town of Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, also known as the gateway to the Komodo Islands. The view across the flotilla of pirate ship shaped boats and out to the famed dragon dwelling Islands in the distance is spectacular and I feel incredibly content as I sit here with a refreshingly cold Bintang in my hand.

I realise that I am more blessed than most when it comes to experiencing these kind of moments. I have always loved to travel and have been lucky enough to visit many places across the world due to my time working for Virgin Atlantic and thanks to my continued passion for adventure, but it has only been since I turned the age of 30 that I have really embraced travelling solo and started to enjoy it.

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Bali | Photo Gallery | June 2019

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Gili Islands | Photo Gallery | June 2019

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Flores (Komodo Islands)| Photo Gallery | June 2019

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Kraków | March 2019


Kazimierz | Auschwitz | Polish Food

I honestly don’t think that the novelty of Bournemouth Airport will ever wear off! I only discovered the joy of flying from what I previously thought was a ‘tin can’ airport during a trip to Palma last summer. It’s great, I can literally leave my house and be checked in, through security and in departures (I say departures loosely as there is only a small bar, a WH Smith and a coffee shop) all within 30 minutes – it is THAT easy. Now, I know nothing beats the excitement of a trip to Heathrow (the Duty Free shopping at Bournemouth is also non existent by comparison 😂), but for this little getaway it was a fine choice of departure.

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Krakow | March 2019 | Photo Gallery

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A b o u t M e ðŸ–¤

My passion for travel began when I started working as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic at the age of 18. I didn’t have a plan when I left school (I didn’t really excel at anything…..probably because I hardly ever showed up) and the thought of university TERRIFIED me. So, going against the grain of everyone else that was submitting their university applications, instead I decided to embrace the shiny red shoes, the red lipstick and go see the world.

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Sri Lanka | January 2019 | Photo Gallery

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The true reality of travelling alone…..🖤

Solo travel is great, until you need someone to put suncream on your back 😂

I have spoken at length about why I prefer to travel solo and the positive effects that I find it has on my own mental health and well being. I stand firmly by the fact that everyone should experience travelling alone at least once in their life.

Thanks to social media I can watch other fearless females take on the world as they gallivant around the globe all by themselves and ultimately, this is what inspires me to follow suit and do the same. Instagram and Twitter is flooded with articles and headlines encouraging solo travel and I have embraced this concept myself many times now, building up my confidence and pushing myself further out of my comfort zone with each new trip that I embark on.

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Isle of Skye | April 2018


Fairy Glen | The ‘In Pinn’ | Ben Tianavaig | Endless panoramic views

During my last visit to the Isle of Skye back in January, I was pretty sure that it would become my last trip to the family bed and breakfast as they have decided to relocate back down to Somerset. The property had already been on the market for a few months and I was presuming that a sale would be imminent. I had accepted this with a heavy heart but four months down the line there is still no sign of a buyer and so I took the opportunity to use my well earned week off at the end of April for another visit back the Highlands.

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