Budapest | November 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Why I travel solo…..💙

Every time I book another adventure my family and friends ask the same question; ‘who are you going with?’

And (almost) every time my answer is the same…..’no one!’

I am usually met with mixed responses ranging from horror (mainly from my mother who worries that stepping outside of the Bournemouth post code will result in an unfortunate ending) to pity (isn’t it sad that I can not find anyone to travel with me). Only occasionally do people really take the time to understand and appreciate why I choose to so often go abroad alone and that I have actively made the decision to do so.

For me, travelling solo is not that much of an alien concept, and I would like to share what inspires and motivates me to explore this beautiful world that we live in on my own.

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The Purbecks | July 2017

So, with my next trip still in the research and planning stages, I thought I would make the most of the glorious sunshine we have been having and organise a local mini adventure with a dear friend of mine.

Living here in Bournemouth, I am lucky enough to have the rolling hills of the Purbecks right on my door step.

One of my all time favourite coastal walks encompasses the majestic chalk ridge coastline from St Aldhelms head to Kimmeridge. It is a relatively easy 18-20km stroll (slight variations in routes are available) though does involve some steep climbs and descents so sensible footwear is advisable.

Finally agreeing on a day, my friend and I dusted off our walking boots, grabbed a quick picnic and set off for the rural Dorset village of Kingston which is where we dumped the car and began our journey.

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Istanbul | July 2017


Blue Mosque | Aya Sofya Hürrem Sultan Hamman | Grand Bazaar | Rooftop views 

Day 1…..

I've not even been here for one hour and my heart hurts already over how beautiful this city is. I'm not going to lie the airport was hell due to long immigration lines but once outside it all changes (remember British citizens require a visa to travel to Turkey but this can be easily obtained online for approximately £15 from

Getting from the airport is easy. You can either take a taxi (though make sure the meter is on as the Turkish taxi drivers have a habit of significantly 'rounding up') or you can try the metro. I took the metro to Sultanahmet and then the tram over the Galata Bride to Karakoy. It took about an hour. I think given the amount of traffic on the roads then a taxi would be no quicker. You can buy an Istanbulkart from all the metro stops which then works like the Oyster cards we are all familiar with. They cost 10 TL initially (6 TL for the card and 4 TL credit) and you can top them up anytime. The advantage of this is that a single fare using this card is almost half the price of buying just a regular ticket. 

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Welcome to my blog…..

So, here I am…..currently sat in Wetherspoons at Heathrow Terminal 5 putting my first blog post together over a 'gourmet' breakfast and good old cup of tea! 

After a relatively rubbish couple of months (a relationship break up, work stresses, general life crisis… know, the usual stuff) I decided to refocus my mind, time and energy on to something that I really love. TRAVELLING. And Lost In Wanderlust was born. 

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Cambodia | January 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Cambodia | January 2017


Angkor Wat at Sunrise | Koh Rong Samloem | The Mondulkiri Project | The Killing Fields

As an avid fan of Thailand, a place where I have been multiple times, it seemed only logical that a trip to neighboring Cambodia should be firmly on my traveling agenda. I had been toying with the idea of visiting this country for while and I finally managed to convince the powers above at work to give me a decent length of time off so I could do a real 'trip of a lifetime.' Cambodia became the first destination of a seven week trip that also combined visits to Vietnam and Australia.

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