Isle of Skye | April 2018


Fairy Glen | The ‘In Pinn’ | Ben Tianavaig | Endless panoramic views

During my last visit to the Isle of Skye back in January, I was pretty sure that it would become my last trip to the family bed and breakfast as they have decided to relocate back down to Somerset. The property had already been on the market for a few months and I was presuming that a sale would be imminent. I had accepted this with a heavy heart but four months down the line there is still no sign of a buyer and so I took the opportunity to use my well earned week off at the end of April for another visit back the Highlands.

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Isle of Skye | January 2018 | Photo Gallery

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Cambodia | January 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Cambodia | January 2017


Angkor Wat at Sunrise | Koh Rong Samloem | The Mondulkiri Project | The Killing Fields

As an avid fan of Thailand, a place where I have been multiple times, it seemed only logical that a trip to neighboring Cambodia should be firmly on my traveling agenda. I had been toying with the idea of visiting this country for while and I finally managed to convince the powers above at work to give me a decent length of time off so I could do a real 'trip of a lifetime.' Cambodia became the first destination of a seven week trip that also combined visits to Vietnam and Australia.

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