Kraków | March 2019


Kazimierz | Auschwitz | Polish Food

I honestly don’t think that the novelty of Bournemouth Airport will ever wear off! I only discovered the joy of flying from what I previously thought was a ‘tin can’ airport during a trip to Palma last summer. It’s great, I can literally leave my house and be checked in, through security and in departures (I say departures loosely as there is only a small bar, a WH Smith and a coffee shop) all within 30 minutes – it is THAT easy. Now, I know nothing beats the excitement of a trip to Heathrow (the Duty Free shopping at Bournemouth is also non existent by comparison 😂), but for this little getaway it was a fine choice of departure.

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Krakow | March 2019 | Photo Gallery

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